Traditional Divorce

Every divorce is different. Although many cases are successfully resolved utilizing collaborative and cooperative processes, it may not be the best choice for every case. Often couples have serious trust issues, perceived power imbalances or other complex financial and family issues that make a fully collaborative process unworkable. This does not mean the only other option is “all out war.”

At your first meeting, Kristi will help you evaluate and understand the available options. These include mediation, early neutral evaluation, collaborative divorce, cooperative divorce, and traditionally litigated divorce. With Kristi’s guidance you can determine which avenue works best for you and your family.

Kristi is experienced in the collaborative process, fully litigated divorces, and everything in between. She works to keep clients and attorneys engaged in fair negotiations and cooperative problem solving. When cooperative approaches fail, however, she is fully prepared to bring matters to court.

“Although I had hoped we could resolve our divorce in a collaborative manner, my spouse was unwilling to do so. We ended up litigating our case in court. I was extremely fortunate to have Kristi on my team. She was a professional and compassionate advocate who was obviously well respected by the court. I can’t imagine getting through such a stressful process without her support.”
— John S., Traditional Divorce

When facing divorce, there are many options available to couples and although non-adversarial approaches are often preferred, there are instances when court intervention is necessary. Kristi has handled litigated cases in eight counties and she is very comfortable working with clients in the court process.