Divorce Coaching

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that it is much more than a legal process. Divorce brings with it many challenges, including painful emotions, serious financial challenges, and a complete change in how people view their lives and their futures. Divorcing clients must make some of the most important decisions of their lives at a time when they are experiencing tremendous emotional challenges. Divorce coaching can help.

Attorneys provide extremely important services to clients, but they are often uncomfortable helping their clients work through deeply emotional issues. In addition to being an experienced family law attorney, Kristi is a certified life coach and graduate of the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. Kristi utilizes her coaching skills with her own divorce clients and also coaches clients working with other attorneys. Divorce coaching can be an invaluable service for both clients and their attorneys.

Divorce coaching can help you:

  • Solidify your intentions when divorce may seem inevitable
  • Maintain your physical and emotional strength
  • Improve communication with your attorney
  • Make the best long term choices for you and your family
  • Creatively navigate transitions
  • Create the future you want for yourself and your family

How is coaching different from therapy?
Rather than focusing on the past as in a therapeutic relationship, coaching starts with now and looks ahead to the future. Kristi helps her clients manage the distress in their lives while also looking ahead and exploring what clients want to create in the future.

How divorce coaching works.

Individual Coaching
Clients determine the scope of the coaching relationship. Some clients get what they need in one or two sessions. Others wish to work with their coach over a longer period. Kristi charges coaching clients on an hourly basis with no long-term commitments. You decide what you need from the coaching relationship and Kristi is there to help. Coaching by telephone is also available.

Small Group Coaching
Several times a year Kristi offers a four-week transition and renewal group for up to six individuals transitioning through divorce. These groups meet once a week for two to three hours. The group process begins with a life review where participants identify the high and low points in their adult life. From there, the group explores core values, passions and roles, as well as perceived roadblocks that may be hindering growth. At the last session each participant creates a vision and plan for how they will move forward into the next chapter of his or her life. Groups have the option of continuing to meet on a weekly or monthly basis for ongoing support.

Kristi is also available to work with organizations and other groups of individuals who wish to explore transition and renewal together.

Divorce Coaching

“My life was turned upside down when my husband decided he wanted a divorce. I was comfortable with my attorney, but I needed more emotional support and help moving forward. My attorney suggested I work with Kristi. It made a huge difference. As a divorce attorney, she fully understands the process I was going through. As a life coach, she helped me find and maintain my personal strength and manage the chaos in my life in the short term. She also helped me open my eyes to my future. When I felt my life was crashing down around me, she helped me embrace the idea that change = opportunity. That made huge difference for me. Even my children have noticed that I am calmer and happier!”
—Debra T.
Divorce Coaching